Stone Legend - Single

Stone Legend - Single

SKU: 0165A

Material: Fabric, solid wood frame, high rebound sponge

Color: Please refer to color swatch

Size: L1320xD870xH680mm



Inspired by oddly shaped stones traditionally collected and appreciated by Chinese literati. Stone Vision sofa gracefully and aesthetically recaptures beauty of nature, yet it is also a comfortable seating option due to an ergonometric and voluptuous contour that fits faultlessly with body curves. Stone Legend sofa, on the other hand, is a reflection and recreation of the Stone Vision sofa in the context of 2017, an ever-changing society driven by fast-developing technologies.

Whilst Stone Vision embodies a passion for mother nature and traditional culture, the focus of Stone Legend is to bring an innovative and international perspective into nature and traditions. The sculptural and refined lines of the frame are balanced by a soft and cozy inner, with metal legs adding a light and trendy feel. As a nod to past and future, the overall deconstruction style reinterprets the spirit of inclusiveness in a modern context.