Material: Brass with glass globe

Warm white/day white, 1.5m adjustable wire, G4 LED 

Round Plate:

A: 1 illumination, Dia100mm, power: 1w

B: 3 illuminations, Dia150mm, power: 1w x 3nos

C: 5 illuminations, Dia200mm, power: 1w x 5nos

D: 7 illuminations, Dia300mm, power: 1w x 7nos

E: 12 illuminations, Dia350mm, power: 1w x 12nos

F: 14 illuminations, Dia400mm, power: 1w x 14nos

G: 26 illuminations, Dia500mm, power: 1w x 26nos

H: 36 illuminations, Dia750mm, power: 1w x 36nos

I: 46 illuminations, Dia1000mm, power: 1w x 46nos

I(spiral): 46 illuminations, Dia1000mm, power: 1w x 46nos

J: 56 illuminations, Dia1200mm, power: 1w x 56nos

J(spiral): 56 illuminations, Dia1200mm, power: 1w x 56nos

Rectangluar base:

K: 5 illuminations, L500xW50mm, power: 1w x 5nos

L: 7 illuminations, L700xW50mm, power: 1w x 7nos

M: 14 illuminations, L850xW280mm, power: 1w x 14nos

N: 16 illuminations, L850xW280mm, power: 1w x 16nos

O: 36 illuminations, L1100xW370mm, power: 1w x 36nos

P: 46 illuminations, L1600xW420mm, power: 1w x 46nos

Q: 56 illuminations, L1800xW500mm, power: 1w x 56nos

Square base:

R: 26 illuminations, L500xW500mm, power: 1w x 26nos

S: 36 illuminations, L750xW750mm, power: 1w x 36nos

T: 46 illuminations, L1000xW1000mm, power: 1w x 46nos

U: 56 illuminations, L1200xW1200mm, power: 1w x 56nos


SKU: L127
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