CT Seat

CT Seat

SKU: SC057

Min. order: 10 pcs

Material: PP with steel tube leg/Beechwood leg

PP color: White, Black, Grey, Neon yellow, Navy, Ginger, Blue, Matcha, Rosy, Light brown

Leg color: Black, Chrome

Upholstery available with additional $65/pc

Seat pad: $30/pc

CT-615: W515 x D540 x SH460/H825mm

CT-616: W505 x D495 x SH460/H825mm

CT-617: W450 x D490 x SH465/H830mm

CT-617-1: W450 x D490 x SH460/H830mm

CT-618: W450 x D490 x SH450/H820mm(Swivel)

CT-619: W450 x D490 x SH450/H830mm

CT-625: W490 x W550 x SH460/H800mm

CT-626: W470 x W500 x SH455/H810mm(Swivel)

PW-061: W500 x D500 x SH400/H805mm

PW-025NP: W460 x D505 x SH460/H820mm(Swivel)