SKU: SC035

Min. order: 10 pcs

Material: PP with steel tube leg/Fabric with high-density foam

PP color: White, Black, Grey, Neon yellow, Navy, Ginger, Blue, Matcha, Rosy, Light brown, Pink

Leg color: Chrome, Black

Upholstery Color: Please refer to color swatch, additional $60/pc

PW-030NP: W505 x D480 x SH450/H810mm

PW-031-2: W510 x L490 x SH450/H810mm(Swiwel)

CT-606-1/606-1Black frame: W500 x D510 x SH450/H810mm

CT-606/606 Black frame: W510 x D500 x SH450/H810mm

CT-623: W510 x D480 x SH450/H810mm(Swiwel)

CT-621: W510 x D500 x SH450/H810mm(Swiwel)

CT-620: W510 x D480 x SH450/H810mm

CT-603/603 Black frame: W580 x D500 x SH450/H810mm

CT-622N/622N Black frame: W510 x D470 x SH450/H810mm

CT-605/605 Black frame: W560 x D525 x SH450/H810mm

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